Snappy V2 is out.. but what is it???
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 17:21:01 -0400 (EDT) is selling a "Snappy V2" for $191 as well as the older plain
Snappy for $149. I wonder what the difference is. Couldn't find useful
info anywhere on Usenet, WWW, Play's homepage, or even when I called Necx
on the phone (800-808-3375). The rep said it's new and they don't have
the specs for it yet. Hmmm, I didn't call Play Inc on the phone yet,

meepmeepmeep 800-555-1212... Play=800-306-7529

<after a few seconds>

"WHAT? You can't tell me what the difference is?" - "no, not until it's
released". - "OK, goodbye."

What kind of sht is that?

Can someone speculate or have deep inside secrets to share? I would
assume they fixed the Snappy up so it can do videoconferencing easierly by
an enhanced version of the capture driver and possibly with bundling some
Internet videoconference proggie (one of the many out there).

I'm not a prophet, so my guess is as good as yours, so let's hear it.