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>Subject: [?] No pictures on CU-SeeMe
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> Hai everyone !!!!
> I have a few "challenges" (looks better than "problem", isn't it?) ahead
>of me, and I really appreciate anyone who'll help in this matter.
> I run the Cornell CU-SeeMe on a 486DX2-66 /w 16M RAM & soundcard but no
>videocard & a 28.8kbps modem , and I just wanna receive video. But when I
>connected to the reflector, the software displays just blank(white) boxes
>with very few grey squares scatter within the boxes. Later I understand
>that CU-SeeMe sends only the changing segments over but nonmoving remain
>unsent to optimise bandwidth. That makes me not able to receive any
>frames that resemble anything from any reflector. So anyway to go around
>this problem ??? (Of course I'm not going to call the other person and
>say "can u pls move around a bit?"....!!!!)

If the person you are trying to see has their video FROZEN before you
connect to the reflector, then you won't get any video from them until they
unfreeze it. As far as the reflector is concerned, their image has already
been sent out. Try some more reflectors and maybe ask someone if their
video is frozen or not. Also a busy reflector can take quite a bit of time
to send you any video. Try reflectors with only a few people on them to
start with, and you can learn from there.

> 2nd "challenge", I have a video blaster running well on my PC. But
>unfortunately CU-SeeMe just couldn't detect the camera which is running
>well, saying something like "no video input"???????????????!!!!!!!!!

Which model of video blaster is it, and are you using win 3.1 or win95?
Someone here might be able to help you with that info.

> Thanks in advance to all you helpful people in the list. Have a nice
> Name: Choong Yin Chau
> Electronics Engineering
> Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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