Re: [Fwd: Quickcam and/or CU-SeeME troubles]

Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 22:13:11 -0700

Harry wrote:
> Hi, I tried this post on some NGs; now I'll try it here. I figure at
> least 50% of quickcam owners got it for cu-seeme, so I think it's
> appropriate. Hope you can help.
> Thanks
> Harry
> =============================
> Hi,
> I am knew to your NG, Video conferencing, and all that. I am having
> weird results from my newly installed QuickCam and I hope someone here
> has "been there and done that".
> Quickcam' s two software packages (movie and picture programs) will at
> times start up and complain that there is no cam connected. And other
> times they start out with this message BUT WHEN I CLICK OK, the
> picture just shows up away!
> CU-SEE-ME also makes such complaints but I am gonna GUESS that when I
> resolve my quickcam 'standalone' problems, my cuseeme will be happy
> too.
> The error messages in general offer such complaints such as "No device
> detected or in use by another app" - and maybe this is just from
> cuseeme but I get "invalid handles" errors too.
> And EVERYTIME I make settings changes or start up the apps, the
> printers heads move. IS this normal and OK or is this indicating some
> IRQ or PORT or DMA conflict?
> I have a Dell 386DX (ok laugh, and now back to reading) running WFW
> 3.11 with 12M of Ram. I have a builtin LTP1 port and LPT2 comes from
> an I/O card. The IRQs are 5 & 7
> Let me also mention that originally I had my SOUND BOARD (Jazz16S) and
> drivers loaded and then I removed them. This DID not solve anything,
> but I am wondering are there resource problems with 386DX's that have
> sound boards and Quickcam.
> I see this is a lot to digest, but if any of your video hackers out
> there can help, I'd be very interested in hearing from you.
> Thanks in advance,
> Harry
> PS: PLEASE email me TOO if your post a reply!

Try reversing your inputs to your parallel ports (don't forget to tell
your printer software). Worth a try. Mark L. Bardenwerper