miro DC20 and CUSM?

Carsten Pruefer (prueferN@stud.fh-luebeck.de)
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 01:25:44 +0200

I'm trying to run the Cornell version for Windows with the miro
capture-card DC20 (i know it's not in the compat.txt, but maybe someone
has tryed before?). I'm new with CUSM and capture cards, maybe the DC20
unsuitable at all. I found no 'msvideo=' in the (Win95-) SYSTEM.INI.
My experiences:
When starting CUSM, the DC20-control program is started first and then I
get the error 'application will be closed because of an invalid
operation' (stack error in modul CTL3D.DLL). On second start I get the
lovely 'Hmmmm... there may be a problem'-window with the error 'the
device is already used' and after that 'invalid access-number' (or
exactly 'Ungueltige Zugriffsnummer', Sorry I'm using german WIN95
version) three times. Then CUSM opens the local video window (on PCs
without capture-card it doesn't) with only rubbish on it.
>From the CUSM-Video Setup I can access Video Source but Video Format
Any ideas?

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