Monitor configuration: 256 or 16 million?!?

Daniel de Queiroz Lopes (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 16:16:53 -0300

Hi everybody!

I don't know how much it will help, or how old and short is my perception
about the the color video conferencing, but perhaps somebody could
contribute more
about this question.
Well, when i first installed CUSee-Me (White pine version, enhanced demo)
on my
computer (486-DX2 66MHz 16 megs, Win 3.11, with a Video blaster RT-300) it
works well.
So I installed the soft in other computer in our lab, with the same
configuration, conecting
each other by TCP-IP, and although i could see the images on the screen, it
didn't appears
on the other side - just a black reception window on both computers. The
monitors was
configured to 16 million colors. When I changed it to 256 colors, it works.
Someone experience the same problem?

Best regards,

Daniel Lopes