Help with Win/Mac audio

30 Sep 96 11:10:44 EST

I'm hoping the problem I'm about to describe is a common one and someone has
suggestions on what to do about it.

We are trying to run CU-seeme from a reflector site we have installed at the
Tennessee Aquarium to work with schools around the State who are just getting
connections that will allow them to run CU-SeeMe. Needless to say we are all
very new to this. The Aquarium and two of the three schools we are testing with
are using White Pine Enhanced Cu-SeeMe. One school has the latest version of
CU-SeeMe from Cornell.

The Aquarium is running Windows 95, the schools are running Macintosh (I do not
know which versions, but at least 7.0). Video is fine; audio is one-way. At
the Aquarium we can hear the other schools but they cannot hear us. We have
tried audio at Delta 16kbs and Intel DVI and frozen video windows to try to
increase bandwidth.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Sue Goodwin
Tennessee Aquarium
One Broad Street
Chattanooga,TN 37401
Voice: 423 785-4106
Fax: 423 756-1849