Re: CU & MBone

Justinus Andjarwirawan (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 10:51:58 +0700 (JVT)

I have tried multicasting with wp211 in our network. It works fine, very
good actually. I would say better than the famous Mbone tools themselves
(VIC and VAT). The Session Directory, and SDR from UCL shows all sessions
created from WP, neat! instead of from the wp itself.
I set up two multicast routers with tunnelling (because our gateways does
not support multicast) in our backbone. So I tested the multicast from
same network as well as another network in our intranet (try different
TTLs). And it worked marvelously! Good frame rates and sound.
My project is a study of IP multicast and non-multicast (unicast). I'm
comparing CU-Seeme with reflectors and multicast and see the difference
(network traffic). If anyone has any reference on this one, it would be
nice to share them with me. Thanks.

> Does anybody here has exspiriences with WP=B4s multicasting ?
> Is there any working solution ?
> Any idea or comments welcome.
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> Dept.of Applied Sciences=09
> University of Freiburg
> D-79102 Freiburg