Re: Fw: ps- trans/recep rates (fwd)

Jason Williams (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 22:27:37 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 4 Sep 1997, Gary Garber wrote:
> Jason this info was helpful, but I have another problem. I'm trying to
> conference w/my mom who has a 28.8. I have a 33.6 and I'm the only one
> sending video. She contacts me with CU-SeeMe ver 0.92b2 (Cornell), and she
> can see my vid, but we can't exchange audio (i.e. voice). I also have same
> software.
> Can you (or anyone) help. I set my transmit to min 10, max 20, and my
> receive to min 10 max 500.

I'd set your max receive down to 33 or so but that shouldn't affect audio.
Here's how I've gotten audio to work on a 28.8kbps modem using Cornell
1) Make sure both parties have their max send to 20 or so (the 16kbps
Delta-Mod audio codec needs at least 16kbps to work right) and a max
receive of no less than 28kbps.
2) If you're sending video, hit the pause button. If the other person is
sending, tell them to pause as well.
3) Close all the other video windows you may have open. If it's a DC then
this isn't necessary if both people are paused. The goal is to not use
any of your bandwidth for video.
4) Select the delta-mod 16kbps codec with 100ms (or on 0.92b2, the long
5) Make sure your mic is on from within the win95 mixer as well as your
speakers are on and a volume set for it (also in the mixer)
6) Chat away with audio :) I do know that the Cornell version can't hear
any of the low bandwidth codecs that White Pine uses. On 0.92b2, when
someone send audio with the low bandwidth codecs, it shows the name of the
person who's sending but the audio level never moves.

I've heard audio works differently for different sound cards but all I've
had to test on is an Advanced Gravis Ultrasound card.

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