Windowless PC Clients?

Joe Izen (
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 16:50:52 +0900

Gary, Jason,
You may be hitting a bug which I've doucmented with the WP Windows
Client. When a Camera-less WP PC client tries sending audio, not all
clients can receive it. I do not know if the Cornell release you are using
shares this bug.

It would be interesting if someone on this list who has both a WP and
Cornell client could do an experiment. First find a combination of
machines that breaks the WP audio (I've found that macs at my home
university with either wp or cu clients fail to receive sound from WP
clients without cameras). Once you have an established failure with a WP
client, try transmitting from a CU client on the same machine. I would be
very interested to learn if the CU version is more robust in this respect.

Thanks! -Joe Izen