Re: New vs. Old color CODEC

Andrew Clarke (
Sun, 7 Sep 1997 12:12:17 BST

** Reply to note from Sun, 7 Sep 1997 00:06:58 EDT

Streak wrote:

> Perhaps the null-assertion bug is related to something else I've been
> seeing a lot more with 2.1.2...Sometimes I click on a window and it moves
> up to the visible range on the participants list, but the video window is
> nowhere to be found. I close them and reopen and it does the same thing.
> The only way I've found to fix that is to leave the reflector and rejoin.
> The symptoms are quite similar to the null assertion bug and the fix is
> exactly the same as well. It just doesn't flash an error message on the
> screen.

I've noticed the 'window dissapearing' bug, but I don't think it's
anything to do with the null assertion bug, but rather a bug in the
window positioning system. If you tile the windows (CTRL-T in 2.x) then
it will magically reappear. I don't believe it's drawing it off-screen
as it doesn't appear on the taskbar as a window at all, but will when
it's tiled into place, so I can only assume it's yet another bug in 2.x.

And to the White Pine people here, have you improved the stupid interface
in 3.1 at all? My guess is no. Chapter 11 anyone?

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