Re: Incoporating CU-SeeMe in a web page?

Jason Williams (
Mon, 8 Sep 1997 14:28:53 -0500 (CDT)

On 8 Sep 1997, Ian Simmins wrote:
> Is it be possible to broadcast an event using CU and to incorporate that
> brooadcast in a web page?

Not as far as I know. The only thing I'm aware of that incorporates
CU-SeeMe and a web page is JavaCU which uses a reflector setup for NV
compatibility to display one person's video in a window. I've read that
Java limits you to 15kbps of data so even thru a web page it's quite slow.
When I tried it out, JavaCU seems to pick a stream at random to display so
if you have more than one person sending video to the conference, you
never know which one will be displayed. This can be fixed by only
allowing that one sender.
JavaCU also does strictly audio, no text, etc.

If you want to show live video to a number of people thru the web, your
best bet would be to try a webcam of some sort.

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