Local Window

Ronald Feathers (featherr@mailgate.izmir.af.mil)
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 01:56:41 +0300

I'm using version .09b2 with a Connextix B/W camera. The "Local Window" =
does not open with the program (I have no problem connection to =
reflector sites), and I show up in the "Lurkers" listing. I have also =
ensured the Stop Sending Video is not selected. =20
"Preferences" do not have any video settings; only the "General" =
"Rates" and "Audio" tabs are present.=20
To make sure I had the correct program, I re-downloaded from Cornell. =
The two files contained in the Zip were the cu-seeme.exe and readme.txt. =
No dll's, no nothing.