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Bill Woodland (
Tue, 09 Sep 1997 19:58:00 -0500

At 01:28 AM 9/10/97 +0800, JS Wang wrote:
>Would someone tell me how to solve this problem?
>I have downloaded Enhanced reflector v1.07b6 for windows, and setup
>reflector conf ok, configuration name is reflect.conf, In reflect.conf,
>I set the following parameters:
> CONF-ID 1 Sorry, the Conference ID has changed. Please
>reconnect with
>the correct one.
> //
> LOG reflect1.log
>I am using Win/95. Before I run reflect.exe, I need to dial-up to my
>ISP to get an IP address which is supposed it is ). Then,

Are you sure you are using the correct IP address? Do you have a STATIC IP
address from your provider? If not, then your IP will change each time you
dial in. Your IP address when you sent this message was, not, so I'm not sure exactly what you wanted to do.

Are you using two separate computers for this? You will have to, as Brian

>I run reflect.exe and refmon -s What I expected is to use
>wp cuseeme v3.0 or Cornell version 0.92b2 to manually dial-up
>, I hope my reflector can reflect the client. But the
>result is that my client can not connect to the IP which
>my reflector resides in.
>Could anyone have experience on this tell me what is wrong with my idea
>or my action. Maybe Jason Williams could tell me. or someone else.
>Best regards:
>Jenson Wang.

What kind of speed do you get with your connection from your ISP? If this
is just a 28.8 modem, then your reflector won't be able to handle more than
one or two people, so you might as well just direct connect. You need at
least a T1 line for the reflector to be able to handle more than 2 or 3

I'm confused...if the ref is running on then the "REFMON" statement above means that you can only run refmon on the
same machine which is running reflect.exe. Is this waht you wanted to do,
or did you want to run refmon on the other computer? If so, and your
CLIENT is running on, then change the refmon statement to
REFMON so you can use refmon on YOUR computer.

Hopefully this doesn't confuse everyone else as much as it confuses me :)

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