Re: help me

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 17:21:26 -0500

At 02:34 PM 9/10/97 +0700, Justinus Andjarwirawan wrote:
>I need quickcam grayscale driver for Windows95 / or 3.1x (not the upgrade
>one). I look in but they only have an upgrade driver.
>Send the attachment private to me, and confirm to the list so I don't
>receive more than one.

I won't send it to you, but you can get the original Connectix diskettes in
ZIP format from my ftp server. Use netscape and go to
and then pick up either or, unzip it into its own
directory, and then run the setup program. Be sure to get the update from after you've done this, so you have the very latest
driver and programs.