Re: dr watson error on latest release..

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 00:43:19 -0500

At 12:03 AM 9/14/97 -0400, Kurt Brust wrote:
>I installed the lateset beta on my nt 40 workstation.. I choose an
incorrect size for viewing, now everytime i try to start cu-seeme.exe i get
a doctor watson errre, and can not change the size... can someone tell me
where the program has "hooks" into. I like the version but I can not change
it, even if i try to reinstall, its a no go, same error.
>thanks a miilion!

On Windows 95, it's in the quickcam.ini file, but in Windows NT, this
setting is in the registry. Run REGEDIT and do a search for "cu-seeme" and
you should find the setting there. If you aren't sure what to change, let
me know exactly what you find there, and I'll try to help you (I'm on
win95, not NT).

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