enhanced cu-seeme problem

Alvena Hyde (thehydes@apex.net)
Sun, 14 Sep 97 09:49:34 -0500

I have been using the freeware version of cu-seeme for some time on my
8500 powermac (150mhz) with a video cam with no problems, talking from
the states to my fiancee in china...now he buys the enhanced cu-see me
2.0 for mac, and every time I try it one of two things happens: either
the my picture won't come up on my monitor until I dump the prefs file
and start over, and the worse problem is, the program usually crashes
about 2 seconds after we connect. I have tried different settings, have
downloaded the program and re-installed, and have allocated more memory
to the program, all without much change. Frankly I have done everything
I can think of, and still these are causing this program not to work for
me. We are using the greyscale, not the color...he has a 75mhz mac with
14.4 modem, however this worked (and still works fine) with the freeware
version...do you have any idea what I am doing wrong, and what I can do
to correct it? I am about at the end of my rope.



Alvena Hyde
It isn't suppposed to be fun....
that's why they call it 'work.'