Re: Cornell Reflector

Jason Williams (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:08:30 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Ramon Lenssen wrote:
> I'm trying to set up a reflector, which isn't that hard. But now I'm
> wondering whether it is possible to use the cornell reflector and grant
> people access through username and password auth. Does anybody have
> experience with that? far as I know, this isn't possible with the Cornell reflector. It
only uses a Conference ID to restrict access. The only username and
password authorizes I've seen with respect to CU-SeeMe and reflectors have
to do with authorization to a Meeting Point reflector. I suppose it
would be possible with some tricky CGI scripting to do that, but the
reflector itself doesn't support it.

The White Pine 2.1 reflector supports billing control which can give
people access for one time admits. But the manual to 2.1 suggests using a
CGI script to telnet in and admit people. Basically, there's no easy way
of doing it with either the Cornell, Enhanced Reflector, or White Pine

It's not supported in the client any username and password
authorization would have to be done thru the web.

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