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Jason Williams (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:16:21 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Levinson, Alex R wrote:
> I just downloaded the .87b1 Mac version of cu-seeme. I have a 6100/66
> running MacOS 8.0 with an AV card and a camcoder for a camera. I get
> the video stream from the camera ok. However, when I try to connect to
> anyone on the connect list I get no response. The Participant List
> window shows all zeros. Something is wrong here. The no response comes
> within one - two seconds from the connect. I know it takes longer than
> that to time out on a non-existing IP. I can ping (with MacTCP Watcher)
> OK many of the IP addresses that give me no response in cu-seeme. It
> looks like I'm not getting thru the Open Transport protocol stack. Is
> there a problem with the .87b1 and MacOS 8.0?

I'm not sure of what Cornell's stance is as far as support for MacOs 8 is,
but I know a few other people who have had problems with the Open
Transport support. Going back to the 0.85b1 version fixed the problems.
The only missing feature that I know of in 0.85b1 that's not in 0.87b1 is
the new slide window features. I've never seen anyone use the slide
window though.

> I tried the White Pine beta software. It works - sort of. I was able
> to connect and to receive very poor quality audio and passable video
> from the NASA 3 site. I connect thru an ISP at 28.8. The audio sounded
> like poor quality CB radio without a squelch. I was able to connect to
> a few others and get the video only. However, NASA 3 is the only one I
> was able to get both the audio and video. It is very difficult to find
> a site to connect to. Either no resonse or too many users. Is that how
> it usually is?

Using audio and video together on a 28.8kbps modem is quite contraining.
I've heard a few reports that the lower bandwidth audio codecs in the Mac
beta really suck down the CPU. So you're basically stuck with the 16kbps
delta-mod codec.

Supposedly White Pine has a list of reflectors up on their web page.
"Video Chat Directory" I think it what it's called. I've tried submitting
my reflector to them and I guess they haven't had time to do much with it.
I know from the 3.0 PC version, a few of the reflectors listed in the
default PhoneBook haven't been up for quite awhile. You can give my
reflector scanner a shot if you're looking for reflectors. It's at

> I seem to be having a problem with my own audio input. I get no
> response from my own mike. When not in cu-seeme the mike works fine.
> Hmmm....

If I recall, there should be a gain control for the Mic. Try increasing
the levels on it and see if you get a response. I'm no expert on the Mac
version though. The last real Mac version I played with was 0.83b3.

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