microphone for powerbook 5300?

Robert Hsiung (dr-bob@uchicago.edu)
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:54:34 -0600


I tried an experiment this morning and couldn't get an external microphone
to work with my Powerbook 5300. I had one of those old disk-shaped Apple
microphones, not one of those new weird-shaped Plaintalk microphones -- but
everyone told me the old one would be OK. The port I plugged it into didn't
have a standard microphone symbol, but a circle with two triangles coming
out of it -- but again I was told that was the right one.

In the Monitors & Sound control panel (I'm running System 8), I set the
sound input to "line in". But in the audio window, there wasn't any
transmission indication. I was using a QuickCam, but for some reason, the
QuickCam microphone wasn't even an option.

It worked OK with the builtin microphone, but I need an external one that I
can move closer to the person who's talking.

I would appreciate some help with this, thanks!