Win95 Lan problem ?

Nick Birkett (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 08:50:19 +0100

I have read the FAQ's page. I don't have any fancy network stuff installed under
Windows (just plain old W95 with tcp, ethernet and PPP adapter) . And I am
certain I don't have any firewall problem. I can run telnet, ftp, RealAudio etc

I have an ethernet LAN and a PPP link to the internet. I have both Linux and Win95
on the same gateway machine. In Win95 I have the latest CU version of cu-seeme,
and under Linux I have the qseeme0.8 package.

I have used the qseeme package under Linux successfully (at least for video).
I can connect to various reflector sites no problem, and I successfully connected
between the Linux box and my brother's W95 machine across the atlantic.
Therefore I guess there is no problem with firewalls or such like with my ISP. .

(2) Under windows I can connect to localhost, and my other Linux box (qseeme )
on the ethernet LAN.

(3) I have tried connecting under W95 to sites that I can easily connect to under
Linux, but I always get "Cannot connect to ...." (I went through the whole cu
phone list !!)

(4) Under Linux you have to specify the tcp link adapter (e.g ppp0 or eth0).
Connecting to the ppp0 adapter is what I use for internet, and the (dynamic) IP address
shows up in the bottom rh corner of the Qseeme window.

(5) Whenever I start cu-seeme in W95 it always shows the IP address of
my ethernet card, not that of the PPP adapter (dynamic IP address).
I suspect this is the cause of the problem .

(6) Any solutions out there ? (Please)

Nick Birkett