cu-seeme + ichat

Alvena Hyde (
Tue, 16 Sep 97 08:43:15 -0500

Here's a new twist on cu-seeme for those of you particularly interested
in point-to-point connections with friends or ichat
and use it to find out when your friends/family are on-line...send them
your ip on ichat, and let them open a chat session...

Then, open the cu-seeme and connect to them, but leave the cu-seeme chat
window closed...use the ichat window instead. The ichat seems to be more
real-time on my computer than the cu-seeme chat, plus you have the
advantage of using it to find out who's on line, and their ip's without
having to wait on e-mail or make a telephone call.

My fiancee and I just used these two programs together, and chatted for
over 1.5 hours before any problems developed, and i think it would have
been ok then, except we got to moving around too much too close to the
cameras. (kids will be kids, even when they know better) But otherwise
there were no problems, and no conflicts that we were aware of.

With the ichat, you always have the possibility that an uninvited guest
will join, however you also have the ability to send private chat to the
one you want to talk to.

Someone else give this a try and tell me what they far my
fiancee and I think we are going to try this combo for a while.

BTW, I'm running powermac 8500/150/32/28.8, he's running powermac


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