Re: cu-seeme + ichat

Jason Williams (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 14:59:42 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Alvena Hyde wrote:
> Here's a new twist on cu-seeme for those of you particularly interested
> in point-to-point connections with friends or ichat
> and use it to find out when your friends/family are on-line...send them
> your ip on ichat, and let them open a chat session...

That's the rather hard way to do it...But the same idea works for ICQ, but
ICQ extends it a bit. You can actually send a request to open up CU at
the click of a button. No need to try and dig up your IP address and tell
it to them. I'm not sure when the Mac version will be officially
released, but I've talked to a few people who are using it and say it's
coming along slowly.

> Then, open the cu-seeme and connect to them, but leave the cu-seeme chat
> window closed...use the ichat window instead. The ichat seems to be more
> real-time on my computer than the cu-seeme chat, plus you have the
> advantage of using it to find out who's on line, and their ip's without
> having to wait on e-mail or make a telephone call.

This doesn't quite make sense to me. From what I know of ichat, their
chatting abilities come from everyone connecting up to a chat server.
This makes it seem like IRC. If you direct connected to another person on
CU, all your packets go straight to them and vice-versa. With ichat, your
packets go to the server, and then to the other person. I'm not certain
about that though. If you have your max send and receive at a reasonable
level, the aux-data packets like chat, shouldn't be lagged or dropped.
Most of the time, I've experienced excellent chat performance thru CU and
horrible performance thru something like IRC.

> With the ichat, you always have the possibility that an uninvited guest
> will join, however you also have the ability to send private chat to the
> one you want to talk to.

I didn't know this. With ICQ, the chat isn't open unless you invite
someone else into it. Ichat sounds similar to IRC in that anyone can join
a channel, but you can always send private messages to the other person.

> Someone else give this a try and tell me what they far my
> fiancee and I think we are going to try this combo for a while.

Hey..if it works for you, use it :)
There's a few programs out now that are online notification systems. ICQ,
ichat, PAL, etc. I still prefer ICQ because of it's easy to use interface
and security options. Last time I tried ichat, it was plagued with a
difficult interface, was difficult for me to use, and didn't allow me to
restrict who added me on their friend's list.

A lot of people use IRC to find their friends to connect to...It all
serves pretty much the same purpose...whatever works for you is good :)

> BTW, I'm running powermac 8500/150/32/28.8, he's running powermac
> 6200/75/16/14.4...

Hopefully the Mac version of ICQ will be publicly available soon.

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