Reflector Autodialer

Bashar Dahabra (
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 19:43:12 +0400

I am using Cornell ver .9 of the Cu Seeme package. I am looking for a
reflector autodiler that would work with this version.

Reflectors seem to vary in their rate requirements for sending and receing
video, hence it is critical that an autodialer is flexible enough to handle
this requirement.

I have downloaded on autodialer from the web site, called
"Cusdial", but it does not seem to be very flexible in seting up the right
paramaters and rates for the individual reflectors. Hence I keep getting
through but kicked out because my rates are to high.

Can anyone please propose other working solutions that take rates into
consideration. Or how I may reconfigure this specific autodialer.


Bashar Dahabra