Enhanced Version 2.1x and 3.0

Bashar Dahabra (dahabra@go.com.jo)
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 19:53:53 +0400

I am not sure if we address the enhanced versions of Cu Seeme from
whitepine in this conference, but would like to share my thoughts on these
two versions in comparison to Cornell version.

I personaly would not pay money today for the enehanced versions. I would
pay money though for the Cornell. For its simplicity, it is stable, easy to
setup and fast.

I could niether get any of the enhancd versions to work propbaly and kept
getting all kind of configurations errors. Stack Overflow, Wrong Codec etc.

I miss color, and think that there mght have been a deal struck by White
Pine for Cornell not ot realse a color version of thier software to protect
the market potential of White Pine. That is fine but I think the product
needs more work and less complications. Keep it simple...

I do not know what you all think about this, but these are my thoughts in
the hope that White Pine are subscribed and they listen for what it is worth.


Bashar Dahabra
Happy Cornell User :))