Re: Appropriate Hardware?

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 23:01:12 -0500

Kevin Mears wrote:

> Mark,
> I have got a Win/TVpci card and am using it with a PAL camcorder.
> However I have yet to get it to work with CU Seeme. There is an
> image there, but it is very distorted, with sloping lines going down
> it, the preview screen works fine though. I think the problem is that
> CU only works with an image size of 160x120, I can only set the
> image dimensions to 192x142 or a multiple of that.
> Any ideas on what I can do?
> Any help would be greatfully appreciated.
> Kevin Mears
> Kevin Mears
Perhaps you have to set your card to force overlay. First start the
"Primary" utility within your Wincast directory and highlight the "allow
overlay" button. Close that and then open your Cap program, go to click
on "view", then "overlay". Then go to "Options", "video format" and
select "15 bit RGB". Also click on "160x120" image dimensions. The size
of your image should be small.

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