ISDN devices & minimizing MAC startup & connection tasks

George M Bean (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 01:14:01 -0500


As a newcomer to the list, I reviewed the archives and am very
appreciative of everyone's prior contributions. They were very

I would like to start by contributing some information. University
of Michigan is running ISDN dial in services using remote Cisco 760
bridge/routers which are using PAT (Port Address Translation) and
3Com Impact IQ TA's. As with the Ascend 25 boxes the Cisco's won't
allow the establishment of CU-SeeMe connections. The 3Com IQ's,
which use the address supplied by our Ascend MAX access server,
work okay.

My CU-SeeMe application involves allowing my invalid mother in
central NY to interact with my two year old son because they are
prevented from meeting in person by the insanity and prejudice
surrounding my divorce. My 83 year old mother is excited about the
prospects of using this new but very foreign technology to see her
grandson. However, she has two limitations: her ability to
comprehend the technology and very severe arthritis which limits
her mobility and hand movements.

During my last visit , I set up a Mac IIsi for her with a b/w
QuickCam, v.34 modem, OS 7.6, CU-SeeMe and remote management
software. Understanding and following the connection sequence that
I wrote up for her and the physical demands of manipulating the
mouse have proved to be a formidable challenge for her. During her
last attempt to connect, the Mac hung and she had to wait for a
visitor who could reach the power switch to come and restart the

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with configuring
Cornell Cu-SeeMe for automatic connect upon boot. I realize that
this could be done easily with the White Plains version and CGI
scripts. My funds are very limited so I would rather spend money on
a 56K modem than upgrading her to a PowerMac or IBM to run White
Plains version. My only other option seems to be finding a computer
literate person to work with her during sessions. Any information
on how to minimize user interaction and chances of hanging the Mac
along with automating the connection process, will be greatly

Any recommendations regarding good places to purchase Mac b/w
Quickcams would also be helpful.

Many thanks in advance!

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