Connection time Out

Bashar Dahabra (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 00:23:54 +0400

I have been experiencing an odd event with Cuseeme .92b2. I keep getting a
message which appears in the form of a window, with the folloing:

first line: hmmmmm there may be a problem
second line: Connection timed out
Third line had an OK icon

When I press the OK icon, it would apear that my TCP/IP connection to my
ISP is lost or damaged as I am unable to ping or do any other TCP/IP
commands. Worse If I attmpt to disconnect and redial, my modem see to be
locked as well.

By accident I have discovered that the way around this problem, is to
ignore the message and continue workng. It will be coverd by cuseem windows
and will not affect the operation of the software.

When I perform normal close of cusseeme, the mesaage disapears as well as
the normal application windows.

Does any body have a clue what is happening ?

I downloaded all the TCP/IP update patches from Microsoft site in teh hope
that they might solve this problem, but they did not sem to have any effect.


BAshar Dahabra
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Bashar Dahabra
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