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Bill Woodland (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 22:24:29 -0500

At 01:50 PM 9/18/97 -1000, 00428 (Yudhvir S. Sidhu) wrote:
>Hi Guys:
>I have this Connectix sitting on my desk. No model number no nothing!
>No software with it. How do I get it going?

If there is a focus ring in the front that you can turn around, then it's a
COLOR quickcam. If not, then it's a b&w quickcam, and I have the software
for it.

Use Netscape and go to ftp:

Get either if you're using windows 3.1 or get if
you're using Windows 95/NT. Unzip this file and run the setup program that
was included. These two qc*.zip files are copies of the original Connectix
diskettes for the b&w quickcam. Once you've installed the software, go to and download their update so you have the very latest

>a. do I use CU-SEE-ME?
>b. Do I use Connectix s/w?
>c. Both

Now that you have the driver for the quickcam, you will be able to if you al depends on what you want to do with the camera. If you want
to videoconference, then use CU-SeeMe. If you just want to take some
pictures of things, use the QuickPic program that was installed along with
the driver.

>I am sorry if this is not the right question for this group. Please

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9) PC questions only, please.
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