Re: Need Mac/CuSeeMe help

Nick Faba (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 00:05:59 -0400

What AV board? I put an ATI board in my PCMac and it is not
recognized. WP says "yes, it's not supported". I have not had any
trouble with any Apple boards. If you call White Pine they will tell
you if the board in question is supported. If not the 3.1 version may
work. I also seem to remember a web page (I think on the WP site) that
lists the boards that they support.

Hope this helps.

Nick Faba

Si Ballenger wrote:

> I just installed a mac AV card in my friend's performa 6214CD. I
> had put
> the cornell cuseeme on her machine a while back and it seemed to work
> OK as
> a lurker. I had hoped that the card would provide a video source for
> cuseeme, but it seems not to recognize the video output. Anybody have
> any
> info as to weather the card will work with cuseeme? Any info would be
> very
> helpful as macs are new to me . thanks, Si B.