Re: Need Mac/CuSeeMe help

Bill Ryan (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 07:01:10 -0400

We are working with ATI inorder to support their XClaim series of
digitizing cards.

We plan on having support for our Mac 3.1 release and are awaiting a new
vDig release from ATI to resolve the problems users are seeing in the 3.1
preview (zoomed video and/or video overwrite).


>What AV board? I put an ATI board in my PCMac and it is not
>recognized. WP says "yes, it's not supported". I have not had any
>trouble with any Apple boards. If you call White Pine they will tell
>you if the board in question is supported. If not the 3.1 version may
>work. I also seem to remember a web page (I think on the WP site) that
>lists the boards that they support.
>Hope this helps.
>Nick Faba
>Si Ballenger wrote:
>> I just installed a mac AV card in my friend's performa 6214CD. I
>> had put
>> the cornell cuseeme on her machine a while back and it seemed to work
>> OK as
>> a lurker. I had hoped that the card would provide a video source for
>> cuseeme, but it seems not to recognize the video output. Anybody have
>> any
>> info as to weather the card will work with cuseeme? Any info would be
>> very
>> helpful as macs are new to me . thanks, Si B.

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