Re: microphone for powerbook 5300?

Robert Hsiung (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 10:10:02 -0600

At 2:54 PM -0600 9/15/97, I wrote:

>I tried an experiment this morning and couldn't get an external microphone
>to work with my Powerbook 5300. I had one of those old disk-shaped Apple
>microphones, not one of those new weird-shaped Plaintalk microphones -- but
>everyone told me the old one would be OK. The port I plugged it into didn't
>have a standard microphone symbol, but a circle with two triangles coming
>out of it -- but again I was told that was the right one.
>In the Monitors & Sound control panel (I'm running System 8), I set the
>sound input to "line in". But in the audio window, there wasn't any
>transmission indication. I was using a QuickCam, but for some reason, the
>QuickCam microphone wasn't even an option.
>It worked OK with the builtin microphone, but I need an external one that I
>can move closer to the person who's talking.

FYI, I think the problem here is that the external mic for a 5300 has to be
a "line level" mic, which means the signal has to have been amplified. And
neither the old disk-shaped nor the new Plaintalk mics are line level.

So the next job is finding one of these mics.

And yes, that funny symbol is for the microphone jack, maybe it's different
because it has to be a line level mic.