Re: Newbie Connectix Question

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 18:04:58 -0500

00428 (Yudhvir S. Sidhu) wrote:
> Another Newbie question on the Color Connectix for Win NT:
> 1. I connected one connector into the parallel port.
> 2. The other wire has two connectors on it. One is designed to go into
> a keyboard plug. The other side is a larger female connector. Where
> does that go ? How do I plug-in the actual keyboard connector?
> Yudhvir
> p.s. Thanks for the FTP site - I downloaded the s/w and installed it.
> I also downloaded the upgrade - have not installed it yet. I am still
> trying to get the thing going. Then I will worry about the rest.
Now, to hook the devilish eye up! The double-ended plug has an end that
is designed to fit into the small IBM-type keyboard ports. The other end
fits a keyboard plug (it's a pass-through device for picking up power
for the camera). If you can't get the thing to plug in because you have
a large keyboard port, you will need an adapter, which you can purchase
at your friendly local computer store. Originally, the camera came with
one. The other plug goes to your printer port. Many people just switch
manually back and forth or they get a switch box...I find this very
uncomputerlike and have opted for a second parallel card set to LPT 2.
Now you can hook them both up at the same time. Load the software and
you should be in business!

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