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Bill Woodland (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 20:14:53 -0500

At 06:46 AM 9/19/97 -1000, you wrote:
>Another Newbie question on the Color Connectix for Win NT:
>1. I connected one connector into the parallel port.
>2. The other wire has two connectors on it. One is designed to go into=20
>a keyboard plug. The other side is a larger female connector. Where=20
>does that go ? How do I plug-in the actual keyboard connector?
>p.s. Thanks for the info. I have downloaded the original s/w and the=20
>upgrade. Now if I can only figure out where these connectors plug=20

When you first buy one of those cameras, you also get a little adapter that
has a large male keyboard plug on one side and a small PS/2 style female
connector on the other side. You should be able to get one at your local
computer store for about $5 US. The connectors on the "Y" cable have the
opposite genders and sizes. If you have a large keyboard port, you plug
the adapter into your keyboard port, then the Y for the camera into the
other side of the adapter, and then your keyboard will plug into the other
end of the Y. If you have a PS/2 style keyboard, you plug the Y into the
keyboard port, then put the adapter on the other side, then plug your
keyboard inot that.

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