Problem sending video after using Printer

J. Michael McGill (mmcgill@INETWORLD.NET)
Sat, 20 Sep 97 00:53:08 -0000

Hi all

I have a PPC Performa Macintosh 6200 with a Connectix QuickCam using
Cornell 0.87b1 version of CU-SeeMe. I also have a HP Desk Writer 660C
that I share my printer port with my QuickCam. My CU-SeeMe Video send
(and local or self) works fine untill after I unplug it and plug in my
printer, and use my printer for awhile, and when I unplug my printer and
plug back my QuickCam and can't get any self vid or local vid from myself
(can't send vid), I become a Lurker. In the past I have ended up
reinstalling my QuickCam software to get my CU-SeeMe send video to work.
Does anybody have a better way for me to fix this problem and still be
able to use both my printer and my QuickCam using the same printer port?

Thanks in advance.