Multiple Hosts

Ronald Feathers (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 02:45:41 +0300

I access CUSM normally with my notebook via my local office LAN. I =
solved the GethostName() problem by using the Makehost program. I also =
have access to the same server via dial-up and receive, naturally, a =
different IP assignment. I also have a third net access via a commercial =
ISP which, naturally again, gives me a different IP assignment. =
Incidentally, the Commercial ISP also uses a Proxy!

Other than having to make three different hosts files and copy them =
into/out of my windows directory, is there a more efficient way of =
telling my machine where I am? I tried making different hosts files and =
combining them into one master hosts file, but no joy. I can no longer =
connect to a reflector, particularly from the dial-up. Office LAN =
connection trial will have to wait until Monday.

Is there a way to configure the gethostname routine to identify with =
which method I am using to access the net, i.e., LAN, Dial-up, and =
Commercial ISP?

Additionally, to check my configuration, I removed ALL hosts files from =
my system. Now, regardless of which point I use as a connection, =
dial-up to the office or Commercial ISP, I still have the same IP =
reported on the CUSM screen. Is this number embedded somewhere and can =
it be edited/removed? I believe this may be a cause of my not being =
able to connect with ANY reflectors at the present time via dial-up.