Re: How can I use capture driver in NT?

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 20:03:19 -0500

At 04:51 AM 9/21/97 +0800, JS Wang wrote:
>I have bought a capture card ( product model: VideoCap C210) with philip
>desktop cam. it only supports for Windows 95. I would like to use it at
>I am using Intel pentium 200 MHZ. In theory, these two OS will use the
>same instructions set. if driver used in 95 is workable, it should be
>workable in NT.
>I can not use .inf of 95 to install in Win/NT. Is there any tricky way
>to set the driver for Win/NT?
>Jenson Wang

Windows NT is very picky. Only drivers that are written completely in
32bit code will work on Windows NT. If the driver for that capture card
has any 166 bit code in it, then it will NOT work under Windows NT.

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