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Bill Woodland (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 00:44:27 -0500

At 02:45 AM 9/21/97 +0300, Ronald Feathers wrote:
>I access CUSM normally with my notebook via my local office LAN. I solved
the >GethostName() problem by using the Makehost program. I also have
access to the >same server via dial-up and receive, naturally, a different
IP assignment. I also >have a third net access via a commercial ISP which,
naturally again, gives me a >different IP assignment. Incidentally, the
Commercial ISP also uses a Proxy!

I bet your your TCP/IP settings for the LAN card have "Specify an IP
address" marked, and the IP address you have there is what is being
reported by CU. This is a common problem with the Cornell version. It
grabs the first IP address that it sees, instead of giving you a choice.
As far as I know, there isn't an easy way to get CU to pick up the correct
IP address, short of removing TCP from the LAN card.

>Other than having to make three different hosts files and copy them
into/out of my >windows directory, is there a more efficient way of telling
my machine where I am? I >tried making different hosts files and combining
them into one master hosts file, but >no joy. I can no longer connect to a
reflector, particularly from the dial-up. Office LAN >connection trial will
have to wait until Monday.

As far as the HOSTS file goes, I see no reason why having ALL addresses in
there at once wouldn't work. The idea is that the hosts file contains all
IP addresses you might possibly be assigned, and provides a name for the
machine. Unfortunately, you still have the same problem as I mentioned=

On the other hand, I bet you don't need a HOSTS file at all for your
Commercial ISP. MOST ISPs setup their DNS and Reverse DNS so that this
isn't necessary.

>Is there a way to configure the gethostname routine to identify with which
method I >am using to access the net, i.e., LAN, Dial-up, and Commercial=

Not with the Cornell version of CU. I believe the White Pine version MIGHT
allow you to choose which TCP interface to use, but I'm not sure.

>Additionally, to check my configuration, I removed ALL hosts files from my
system. >Now, regardless of which point I use as a connection, dial-up to
the office or >Commercial ISP, I still have the same IP reported on the
CUSM screen. Is this >number embedded somewhere and can it be
edited/removed? I believe this may be >a cause of my not being able to
connect with ANY reflectors at the present time via >dial-up.

This number is probably the one that your LAN administrator has assigned to
your laptop, and yes, that's the reason you can't connect via dialup. When
you aren't connected to the LAN, you'll have to delete the "TCPIP->Intel
EtherExpress" (or whatever your LAN card is) so that CU will grab the IP
address from the "TCP/IP->Dial-Up Networking" .

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