Speak Freely + CU-Seeme

Nick Birkett (nrcb@comlab.ox.ac.uk)
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 09:38:56 +0100

I guess this is old hat. Anyhow here goes just in case there is anyone
from either mailing list has heard of the other.

It is possible to use
the Cornel CU-Seeme net video simultaneously with Speak Freely
for W95. This seems ideal since the video in CU-Seeme is a miracle
but the sound sucks. Whereas you can send full or half duplex
sound with SF using a tiny
bandwidth if you want (and other goodies like encryption) .
Also has the advantage of being able to
use the SFreely Look Who's listening facility to find your other party's IP.

I had one or two problems, but basically I used this combo to see and
speak to my brother across the atlantic. We both have a 28.8 modem
connection to the internet.

Also I have it working between
two W95 machines and between Linux (Linux Qseeme + Unix Speak Freely ) and W95
(W95 CU-Seeme and W95 Speak Freely) .

You need a Connetix QuickCam or equivalent for the video.

Handy addresses for the free software/setup.

Under Windows 95


Speak Freely

Under Linux
Qseeme (Excellent CU-Seeme Linux clone)


Under Linux you need the xmqcam to grab the QuickCam video
for Qseeme (In Qseeme you can grab ANYTHING under X, QuickCam output
is just an example) .
You can get the xmqcam grabber from :


(There is static and dynamic motif library binary in the tar file.

Speak Freely

(Yes it does work under Linux as well ).

Happy vone calls .