QuickCam Focus

Brian Dowtin (dowtin@ncat.edu)
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 11:05:08 -0400 (EDT)

About focusing the QuickCam

2 Options

1. Call Connectix and see if you can send it back and have them get it
focused or one that is in focus, there is a 3 year warranty on the

2. If you're brave/stupic and a bit technical and don't care about
voiding the warranty - you can open the cam and adjust it yourself

More on numer 2. I've done it with no real ill effects. It is a
bit tricky to open the sucker. (There are web pages on this subjet
search for QuickCam and open ) You place a paperclip in the hole
on the cam (covered by a sticker - this voids the warranty)
Then its a matter if GENTLE prying to get the cam open. Once
inside you'll find a little board w/CCD and lens mounted on it
a metal frame thingy, and thats about it.
To focus the cam - you loosen a screw on the focus ring
its on the end of the lens part of the cam (hard to miss),
focus the cam, and tighten it back up. This means you must have
your computer on and quickcam s/w running while you have it open
and then fool with it with a screwdriver to boot - You could
do some damage quickly - fried cam, parallel port, etc..

I focused and removed the IR filter - which takes a little more
taking the cam apart and could introduce dust into the optics
of the thing while its apart. Its a little harder to get nice
contrast & brightness without the filter, but its a fair bit
more low light sensitive and of course more IR sensitive. But
the video quality in general is just as good as before.

Hope it helps!

Brian Dowtin
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