Re: Audio Codecs (ie:G.723 )

Jason Williams (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 14:45:10 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Douglas Macduff wrote:
> I just read Jason Williams last email on this subject...I'm a little
> confused about the codecs...
> Last nite I visited ELEMEDIA ( on my browser. They
> offer a few (3) 2 of which can be downloaded, just out codecs like SX7300p
> & SX8300p and SX9600
> which I downloaded ....the first two......
> Am I right to understand that these codecs will improve bandwidth or rather
> voice (audio codec)
> on the net. It advertises that it is real good for video conferencing on
> internet and intranet.

I just went to that web page...and it appears that they provide the audio
codec but not the implementations of it. It's similar to the video codecs
in CU in some aspect. White Pine didn't really invent any of the codecs
they use in their software. They licensed other codecs for use in

> And if the answer is yes, as I assume, how do I INSERT this file into my
> cuseeme,

Unfortunately, you don't. Unlike the video codecs, you can't pick and
choose which audio codec you wish to use. It has to be embedded within
CU-SeeMe. Right now, those audio codecs aren't embedded within the
application so they don't do you any good.

> I think that this decoder rated just a bit lower than the G.723 that Jason
> spoke of. but for free I'm not complaining...yet. :-)

>From what I understand, the G.723 audio codec in the 3.1 preview version
is there so you can interoperate with other H.323-compliant clients (like

The problem with supporting any audio codec you may have on your system is
the same as with the video codecs you use: Only the people who have that
specific codec will be able to see/hear you. I've seen people on the Mac
version 2.0.0 use some obscure codec that only other Macs can see. The
same thing would happen with audio too if you give the user a choice of
any audio codec on their system.

> I'd appreciate any comments......
> Thanks in advance.
> Doug (Cape Codder)

>From what little I've heard, the 6.4kbps audio codec is nice..but then it
also limits who can hear you. Right now, only the version can
encode and decode it...though I've heard the Mac version with support for
it is due out sometime in the near future.

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