Re: Internet to real phone net gateways (offtopic)

Jason Williams (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 15:06:32 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:
> Hmm.. any way to use the new codec with the old White Pine 2.1.1x
> version (because of the longer evaluation timeout of 30 minutes versus
> 15 minutes). Of course I am willing to download and install the new
> version, but may I use the new codec by some manipultion with White Pine
> 2.1.1x ???

See my previous message about audio codecs :)
There's no way to switch audio codecs like there is with the video codecs.
So you have to get to encode and decode the new G.723 codecs.

> Do You know the meaning of "installed base". Currently, there are so
> many 486-66 .. 486-133..P75 computers out.. so that it is the "installed
> base", although all new computers sold today are P-166 and faster.

Would the "installed base" consist of Windows95? :)
Even the lower end Pentiums can run Win95 fairly decently I believe.

> So the "installed base" of CU-SEEME ref users has the very-fat CORNELL
> audio drivers or the not much lighter WHITE PINE MAC and PC 2.x drivers.
> The new slim drivers of the PC version of WHITE PINE 2.1.1x just cause
> crashes on my WHITE PINE 2.1.1x version, when used for sending :-(.

This is the classic trade-off... compression vs processor..
The more compression you use, the less bandwidth it may take up but the
more processor it requires. The less compression you use (ie: Cornell's
Delta-Modulation) the less processor you require but the more bandwidth it
takes up.

The funny thing is..I can remember back before the Delta-Mod codec....
Cornell kept stressing "audio does NOT and will NEVER work on a modem".

> So
> especially because the stars of WHITE PINE are not growing but sinking..
> probably the bad fat standard of 16 K audio bandwidth will live forever,
> on CU-SEEME refs, as long as most people, especially all young pretty
> girls, are using it.

fat standard? before Delta-Mod, there was only the 32kbps and 64kbps
codecs for audio...but the quality was much better than Delta-mod.

> Nevertheless, thanks for the upgrade report !

No problem...I haven't had much success with the 2.4kbps or the 8kbps
codecs on my P-133...It all sounded too muffled..I could make out
words..but not very clearly. The G.723 6.4kbps codec changed this for me
though. It's still fairly hard to find people who have the 3.1 preview
version. (I wouldn't really care to download a preview version that's 9.5
megs either unless I knew that it was better than what I had)

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