Re: Salute to Jason Williams and Rolf Hemmerling

Jason Williams (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 14:46:47 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, JS Wang wrote:
> Thanks Jason and Rolf for answering many questions. They are very
> enthusiastic for solving many kinds of problems. I like to read the
> email listing because of their existences. They provides many knowleges
> and practices on cuseeme.

I do what I can :) and I'm still learning as well...I find this is a much
better forum for discussing CU-SeeMe related topics than the Usenet groups
I've tried in the past (though comp.dcom.videoconf still has some very
interesting topics in video conferencing outside of CU-SeeMe)

> I major in computer science, I am very technical. When I was a
> layman in this field, I took a course named "Basic Computer Concept"
> --abbreviated as BCC. it is helpful for me to clarify the computer
> terminology.

> During the period I subscribe this email listing, I have
> found I didn't understand many terms on this field( especially, I am
> interested in cuseeme reflector discussions, but I didn't catch what
> they said ).

There used to be a reflector listserv at Cornell as well but from what I
gather, it died out when Cornell stopped updating the reflector. There is
a rather unused reflector listserv by someone I know on IRC but it hasn't
had much traffic lately.

> Compared with BComputerC, are there books or references to describe
> the basic cuseeme concept, coincidentally it is still BCuseemeC?

There are a couple of books out there on CU-SeeMe. I don't know how good
they are, but Michael Sattler put out a book in 1995 on CU-SeeMe.
has information about it.

There's another book out with information at

There's also a wealth of web pages out there about it. and come to
As far as the technical end goes, Tim Dorcey (who's now at BoxTop getting
ready for the release of iVisit at had an article
on how CU-SeeMe works.

> What I
> want to know are Cu-seeme(you can say it Video-Conferencing) basics on
> the client/reflector theory, video, audio, hardware/software, or
> whatever related in this field.

Check those URL's...and see if it answers some of your questions.

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