Re: Salute to Jason Williams and Rolf Hemmerling

Wayne Fisher (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 13:22:37 +0000

One book you may be interested in reading is "Internet Telephony for
Dummies" published by IDG books. This book provides a great explanation
of what internet telephony is, how it works, and the tools which are
used (including a whole chapter on CUSeeMe). I found the book very easy
to understand (but then again, I am a software analyst - *grin*), and
the information provided was easy to understand and thorough.... you
may want to pop down to your local bookstore and check it out...
- Wayne

Jason Williams wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, JS Wang wrote:
> > Thanks Jason and Rolf for answering many questions. They are very
> > enthusiastic for solving many kinds of problems. I like to read the
> > email listing because of their existences. They provides many knowleges
> > and practices on cuseeme.
> I do what I can :) and I'm still learning as well...I find this is a much
> better forum for discussing CU-SeeMe related topics than the Usenet groups
> I've tried in the past (though comp.dcom.videoconf still has some very
> interesting topics in video conferencing outside of CU-SeeMe)
> > I major in computer science, I am very technical. When I was a
> > layman in this field, I took a course named "Basic Computer Concept"
> > --abbreviated as BCC. it is helpful for me to clarify the computer
> > terminology.
> > During the period I subscribe this email listing, I have
> > found I didn't understand many terms on this field( especially, I am
> > interested in cuseeme reflector discussions, but I didn't catch what
> > they said ).
> There used to be a reflector listserv at Cornell as well but from what I
> gather, it died out when Cornell stopped updating the reflector. There is
> a rather unused reflector listserv by someone I know on IRC but it hasn't
> had much traffic lately.
> > Compared with BComputerC, are there books or references to describe
> > the basic cuseeme concept, coincidentally it is still BCuseemeC?
> There are a couple of books out there on CU-SeeMe. I don't know how good
> they are, but Michael Sattler put out a book in 1995 on CU-SeeMe.
> has information about it.
> There's another book out with information at
> There's also a wealth of web pages out there about it.
> and come to
> mind.
> As far as the technical end goes, Tim Dorcey (who's now at BoxTop getting
> ready for the release of iVisit at had an article
> on how CU-SeeMe works.
> > What I
> > want to know are Cu-seeme(you can say it Video-Conferencing) basics on
> > the client/reflector theory, video, audio, hardware/software, or
> > whatever related in this field.
> Check those URL's...and see if it answers some of your questions.
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