Join Us For A Dream Day

Russ Stamp (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 09:16:08 -0600

My name is Russ Stamp and I am the Media Specialist at Manitou Springs
Middle School in Manitou Springs, CO USA. On October 9, our 8th grade
students will be spending the day setting goals for their own lives. It
is a day filled with guest speakers, goal setting activities, viewing
clips of appropriate videos (Field of Dreams, Stand and Deliver, Dead
Poets Society), etc. I will spend most of the day with groups of
students doing CU-SeeMe. My request is to find various people who would
like to drop in at the Global School House reflector site to talk with
these students about goals they had, still have, and the importance of
such dreams. I would like to have as varied a group of adults and
students as possible. Please email me for more information. Thanks!
Russ Stamp
Media Center
Manitou Springs Middle School