Re: ab switch problem.

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 10:44:57 -0500

At 08:46 AM 9/28/97 -0400, Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:
>a friend of mine sent me this message. he has windows95. does any1 know the
>solution to the problem.
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>From: "Robert I. Cummings" <>
>I was able to get an
>a/b connector but it is not working. I got one earlier in the day from=
>Shack - much too expensive $29 it didn't work and I took it back. Then I=
>one for $15.99 at Staples and that one does not work either. I am getting
>messages on both my printer and quickcam. I think that I need to set up
the lpt
>port. However I am not sure how to do that. Do you have any advise on how
I can
>do that?
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>Mark Andrew Nassy <>


Make sure the AB switch actually switches ALL 25 wires, not just the ones
necessary for a printer.

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