Re: Real point-to-point

Nick Birkett (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 20:20:42 +0100

Tyrone said:

>Does anyone know of any software that will connect two quickcams via the
>telephone? [modem-to-modem]

Hmm this seems like a very expensive way of using CU-Seeme if you are calling
long distance. All you need to
do is to get a ppp link between the 2 PC's (easy peasy under Linux or BSD) .

However you can do a
"point-to-point" via the internet. It will only cost a local call. Just connect
to your other party's IP number (i.e you don't need any "reflector" just to connect
2 machines ) .

The only problem is obtaining the other party's IP address and vice versa if you
use a dial up connection and get a new IP address each time.

These days there are many applications which will post your IP addresses to a
lookup site when you are connected.

My favourite is Speak Freely. This can post your IP address to a number of sites:

are a couple of public sites.

Speak Freely (in my opinion) is the very best audio internet phone app.
It is free and works under W3.x,W95,Unix/Linux (sorry no Mac) .
All are compatible. Download all versions via :

If you have access to a Unix/Linux/BSD machine permanently hooked to the internet,
you can download the Unix version and turn your Unix box (i.e one of the machines
at work) into your own (personal) lookup site just by running the
sflwld application (you don't even need to be root user). Takes as long as it does
to type sflwld & to run.

I have Speak Freely and CU-seeme working under W95 and Linux (Qseeme clone under Linux).
I use this combo all the time via a private lookup site. My IP is posted to the server
each time I dial up. That way the other people I connect with always know when I am
online and what my exact IP address is.
This is my second week using CU-Seeme/Qseeme and I already clocked up over 4 hours
of transatlantic video phone (video + audio via a 28.8 modem connection to the internet).

I use Speak Freely for audio - it runs in parallel to
CU-seeme and takes a very small bandwidth (it is possible to use < 10kbps ) . Hence
you can get both audio (with SpeakFreely) and video (CU-seeme) via a 28.8 modem connection.

Ok it is not a very elegant solution, but it works well and beats (by several
light years) the need for the CU-seeme "Chat" window (sad sad sad!) .

When we all run on ISDN or better then we can run the one app.