Re: Real point-to-point

Skip (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 22:24:45 +0800

Nick Birkett wrote:

> Tyrone said:
> >Does anyone know of any software that will connect two quickcams via the
> >telephone? [modem-to-modem]
> However you can do a
> "point-to-point" via the internet. It will only cost a local call. Just connect
> to your other party's IP number (i.e you don't need any "reflector" just to connect
> 2 machines ) .
> The only problem is obtaining the other party's IP address and vice versa if you
> use a dial up connection and get a new IP address each time.
> These days there are many applications which will post your IP addresses to a
> lookup site when you are connected.

As an alternative you could log into Powwow before connecting to CU. It displays your IP

Regards to the list.