RE: ab switch problem.

John W.Osborne (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 20:04:50 +1000

My best advice is to forget the idea of an A/B switch all together
and tell your friend to buy a cheap i/o port combo card (assuming
he has a spare ISA slot in his PC). Shouldn't cost more than
$30 (but I am not up on US prices, so check). The combo card
should present 2 or 3 additional COM ports, and 1 additional
LPT port. Leave the quikcam connected to LPT1: and connect
the printer to the (new) LPT2. This avoids having to switch things,
lets you use your printer and cam at the same time, and you don't
have to worry about shorting something out when all the pins in
an A/B switch don't engage/disengage simultaneously.


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a friend of mine sent me this message. he has windows95. does any1 know the
solution to the problem.

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I was able to get an
a/b connector but it is not working. I got one earlier in the day from Radio
Shack - much too expensive $29 it didn't work and I took it back. Then I got
one for $15.99 at Staples and that one does not work either. I am getting error
messages on both my printer and quickcam. I think that I need to set up the lpt
port. However I am not sure how to do that. Do you have any advise on how I can
do that?


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