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jepurdy wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have a few very basic questions RE: WhitePines Cu Enhanced Color Demo.
> Ver 2.1.2
> #1 Can it be used with Win3.11 For Work Groups on my 486 100mz or must I
> use Win95?

Yes, this version will work with 3.11. Ver. 3.0 will not
> #2 Will I be able to view B/W from those who only have the B/W Cams & color
> from those with Color Cams?

> #3 Should I remove the Cornell Cu Software or can I install it in 2
> seperate directories, OR on a sprerate HDD?

I do not have troubles doing this with Ver. 3.0, but you may have with
2.1 if they both have an .ini file of the same name stored in the same
directory. I don't think the separate hard drive would help in any case
as the computer must use only one drive as the boot drive and DOS drive
> #4 OR, should I wait 'til my new Pentium Pro is delivered and install it on
> it and run B/W on my 486 and the Color Cam on the Pentium?

I wouldn't wait, I'd go ahead and enjoy it and learn as much as possible
right now! When you get your new computer, get the newer version. It is
32 bit and is supposed to be faster, although some out there may take
exception to this claim.
For more info and to download other versions, go to
> Thanks for your help!

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