Re: ab switch problem.

Rolf Hemmerling (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 08:48:51 +0100

Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:
> From: "Robert I. Cummings" <>
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> I was able to get an
> a/b connector but it is not working. I am getting error
> messages on both my printer and quickcam.
Well think about buying a different cam, the color DCAM by COMPRO, which
as a parallel printer output connector, see

I remember that there are *serious* problems if WIN95 is **scanning**
a parallel port. Especially there are drivers for bidirectional
printer ports and newer laser and ink printers which must read *and*
write to a port to get a status.=20

So.. because printer ports don=B4t need interrupts for use with printers..
buy a second 2-LPT card (but check that You may either disable the port
already installed or that You may disable one of the ports of the new
card, or buy an expensive card with multiple printer port addresses).
If You want to use a scanner or CD-ROM with parallel port interface, You
need another printer port, obviously.

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